What she asked for VS what she got: Bride-to-be shocked by horrible hairstyle after hairdresser got it wrong


Imagine looking into the mirror on your wedding day to find that the hairstyle your hair stylist made for you was in no way similar to what you asked for?

That would have been the case of a certain bride who asked her stylist for a particular hairstyle and was assured that it could be done, only for her to get a result that was horrifying when she went in to ask for a trial.

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The American bride took to a Facebook group to share photos of what she asked for versus what she got. She revealed that she sent a photo of the hairstyle she wanted to the saloon and paid $100 for the hair. But, first, she asked for a trial and the result made her grateful that she didn’t wait till the wedding day to find out how bad the hair stylist was.

Sharing the photo, she wrote:

I’ll just drop this here… left is what I asked for… right is what I got.

This was a professional who was paid over $100 USD.


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